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First Major Trip Report: The Mitten State and Beyond

Ohiopyle State Park – Ohiopyle, PA (2 nights) “Ohio Green Acres” (Harvest Hosts) – Helena, OH (1 night) Family Visit (Andy’s side) – Tipton, MI (2 nights) Family Visit (my side) – Grayling, MI (5 nights) Log Lake Campground to visit more family (my… Continue Reading “First Major Trip Report: The Mitten State and Beyond”

Happy Camper

We’re currently planning a long trip in our RV, and I figured it was probably time that I wrote about the first trip. I’ll backtrack just a bit first. Just over 6 months after my retirement, we brought our new RV, dubbed Homie Roam-o,… Continue Reading “Happy Camper”


As we near 70 days of quarantine, things have slowed down for us considerably. During the first 30 days, we were hopeful about being able to go to Montana, so were hustling to ready the house and Jeep. We were really bummed about cancelling.… Continue Reading “Onward”


I’m stranded at the edge of the worldIt’s a world I don’t knowGot no where to goFeels like I’m stranded It seems fitting that Van Morrison was playing as I gathered my thoughts to write. The line, “and nobody’s gonna tell me, tell me… Continue Reading “Stranded”

It’s a Mad World

Welp.It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Our travel plans are ever-evolving, but that’s okay. We’re remaining flexible and optimistic. Flexibility.That’s the key and benefit to retirement. Last week we flew to Colorado. Initially Vail resorts intended to remain open, and they put… Continue Reading “It’s a Mad World”

3-Month Milestone

I can’t believe I’ve been retired for nearly 3-months now. I have to admit the first month was a whirlwind of travel and the holidays, the second was largely spent adjusting to change and prioritizing to-do lists, and the third has been focused on… Continue Reading “3-Month Milestone”

Gearing Up

This year promises to be a busy one for sure. We finalized the 2-month rental in Montana last week, and Andy is nearly finished prepping the Jeep. We ordered and installed a weatherproof mat for the cargo area, and Andy swapped out half of… Continue Reading “Gearing Up”

Happy New Year!

This will be my last blog post. Just kidding! A few people have asked whether I plan to continue posting, and the answer is yes. I just haven’t had much to say until now. Since my last post, Andy contracted my head cold (he… Continue Reading “Happy New Year!”


What a whirlwind! My final day at work was followed-up by a lovely Thanksgiving with good friends, the kind that blur the lines between friends and family.  A few days later, we were off to Germany! I don’t know if it was fatigue from… Continue Reading “Gemütlichkeit”

It’s Official

I’m retired. I can’t quite believe it myself. I know it’s going to be a huge adjustment, and I’m looking forward to the adventures and challenges that this next chapter will most certainly bring. It’s not lost on me that this opportunity is a… Continue Reading “It’s Official”